Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fat Wife Hits An All Time Low

We don't get tricker treaters at our condo so I didn't buy any bags in bulk filled with candy this halloween. Inevitably, it would have been me consuming the entire bag. But cuzzy, LeighAnn, did get trick or treaters and she did bring the leftovers to work on Friday.  Somehow, I ended up bringing home a bunch of it. Mostly Laffy Taffy, but a few select snickers.
I decided Saturday morning that I had consumed, please notice the word selection of "consumed" vs. "enjoyed", more than my fair share and I tossed the candy into the trash can. Bryan emptied the trash down to the garbage in the garage while we were participating in the Saturday morning cleaning hour. 
Well, Saturday night came and we enjoyed some wine while I dominated Bryan in a game of crowns. At this point regret sat in! I begged Bryan to retrieve the candy from the big garbage and he said no. It really was like a scene out of "Gone Too Far" with DJ AM, a show about drug addicts going to rehab. The look on his face was disgust and fear when I explained that we HAD to retrieve the candy, I was about to experience withdrawal symptoms. We should also be thankful that we are talking willy wonka's treats and not heroin because it turns out Bryan is an enabler! Although he wouldn't get me the candy, he did agree to hold the garbage can so I wouldn't fall in. 
I consumed enough candy that Bryan informed me I smelt like a vending machine. My fatal flaw was placing the candy, still wrapped, into the garbage and not more permanently destroying the candy with the disposal or perhaps unwrapping and saturating with soap!


  1. Hilarious Katie...Your posts always have me cracking up!

  2. Abby! did you have a fun time with Kels?