Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sof does tricks for dog crack!

Well, it's definitely been confirmed, Bryan and I are not ready for real babies.

Usually when we go to Tahoe there are lots of dogs.




and sweet Haden, whom I can't find a picture of...

Because of all these dogs, food has historically been left out, allowing the wonderful dogs to graze freely. Our dogs, unlike their owners, have self control and know to stop eating when they aren't hungry. Well, at New Years only Sof and Izzy were in attendance. Poor sweet Sofie's parents just went ahead and assumed there was dog food out. Idiots. On day 2 of the festivities we noticed that Sofie was willing to do ANYTHING for these chicken dog treats. I began to refer to my sweet little maltese as a crack baby. She learned to roll over in about 5 minutes because she wanted her crack so badly. And trust me when I say, typically Sofie is not too bright or highly motivated by food!

Well, we didn't put 2 and 2 together until day 3 when Bryan looked at me and said, "have we been feeding Sofie?" I thought back to the day before when my poor practice child acted like a feining crack addict over the dog treats, and it dawned on me, she hadn't eaten in 3 days! The poor little thing only weighs 4.6 lbs! She has no extra weight to loose! BAD PARENTS!  No wonder she kept rolling over and acting crazy, she hadn't been fed!

Clearly, at this point, we cannot be trusted with a real baby. But on the bright side she quickly learned a new trick, which is absolutely adorable!

Still, we are so sorry to our little crack baby doggie!


  1. Oopsies!! Its amazing how resilient those lil guys are:) babies too, I think!

  2. Haha, not funny, but funny! Poor little crack baby. But on the plus side, she can now do tricks! Yippee!

  3. I must add you were a fantastic coach to little Sofie because her darling friend, Harley, is helpless on the trick front! Now, FEED THAT BABY!