Sunday, March 21, 2010

Olympic Spirit!

Ok, I'm a bit behind. We went to Tahoe and went skiing for Valentines day. It was fantastic! The best part is that we got to fly there. I love our road trips, but sometimes 14 hours gets a bit long...
While watching the FABULOUS opening games on TV in Tahoe it occurred to me that we could NOT miss out on the fun. Vancouver is only 120 miles from our house and it just makes no sense to be so close and not drive up! So I popped onto criagslist and found a 2 bedroom ghetto-fab condo for rent for just 300 hundred smackeroos! Olympics, here we come!
We drove up with our dear friends Travis and Dan. LeighAnn, Lindsey and our friend Emma also came up for the day. We didn't see any events, but we had so much fun seeing the crowds of people, walking in the streets and watching events in bars with people from all over the world!
We walked into the Olympics from our condo
Look at all the people!!!
Finding these mittens was a MAJOR accomplishment! Aren't they so cute?
This lady spotted Sofie and I when we were packing up. She thought Sofie was so sweet and she asked to take Sof's picture and put her in a magazine. Sofie and I are both used to this sort of attention, so we naturally agreed. Although the editor thought Sof would make a lovely ice dancer, I personally think she would excel at ski-cross!
 (click here) for the piece on Midget.
The Rings!!!
The Flame!
Back in the USA!

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