Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The great communicator and a brain tumor the size of a melon!

So I broke my cell phone, shocker! I go through cell phones at a somewhat alarming rate, I'm rough on stuff. I also LIVE on my cell phone. It's like my arm, my leg, or perhaps even a boob... Important to me! Here's the story:

A few things happen when you cook a lot. 1. You eat tasty meals, snacks, and ice cream 2. You become a fat wife 3. You do a TON of dishes! And it is in #3 we the solve the mystery of the death of my cell phone. Some water got splashed on it and it drowned. Very very sad.

Now because I am rough on things I have phone insurance. So yesterday Bryan and I took ourselves down to Verizon to cash in my insurance policy. You would think the people at Verizon would try to be helpful, I have done some rough calculations and estimate that in a decade of cell service I have probably spent nearly 10k (holy shit), but alas. The college dropout standing behind the counter had no interest in being useful and continued to play spider solitaire as I suffered a mini panic attack because the Verizon twit on the phone was telling us that the Blackberry Pearl was out of stock and I would not be receiving my replacement until one became available, hopefully within 2 weeks. Excuse me?! Hold the phone! I can NOT be phoneless for 24 hours, let alone weeks!!! I wouldn't function, my people wouldn't function. ;-)

At this point the college dropout has finally ceased playing his game and is looking at me like I am a psychotic b%&*$ . Enter our story's Hero, The Great Communicator, as I am melting down Bryan takes control and tells the evil phone insurance lady that we can't be without a cell phone. They talk for a few minutes and before you know it, I have a new upgraded crackberry! YAY! My hero!

Thankfully, the phone arrived today. It was a hard 24 hours for many of us, I know you all suffered as I was not available to take calls. But I am now back and functional and excited to chit-chat, gossip, and solve the world's most serious problems with you all tomorrow!


  1. Thank goodness for a coffee drop-by...handicapped Dr. Moore needed a special visit! I wasn't going to know what to do with myself without your entertainment ALL day! You will love the crackberry!

  2. Just discovered you! Love your blog!!! Adorable...Glad you got your phone!!!