Sunday, October 4, 2009


Bryan likes to play on a softball team. Bryan would probably also like it if I went to watch, or gasp! even play, occassionally... Unfortunately he didn't luck out with that kind of loving supportive wife, ha! I like to DO most activities together. Skiing, jogging, crossfit, and my personal fav grocery shopping together.  But I haven't played softball, by choice anyways, in my life and I'm not about to take playing or watching it up now!

So he had a game at "3" today down by greenlake. I love to walk greenlake and its a nice day, so the manipulator asks if I want to go down and walk Sof while he plays.  The midget and I go for an hour walk and come over to the field where I expect to find Bryan wrappin it up and suggesting a cold beer! Delish!

But no! Its only the top of the second inning! Are you kidding me? Clearly Sofie and I were tricked, its 4 and the game started at "3". Right. We spent the next hour being terrorized by these kids, Tempress and Connie. Seriously. Connie kept saying she was 'training' Sofie, really she was just pulling poor midget's limbs and smashing her face in to the cement while suggesting, with an endearing lisp, "shit down shofie! Shand up shofie!" All the while I kept suggesting to little Connie and Tempress that they might consider a more gentle approach to training...  You may be asking yourself, where was the mother of these sweet cherubs? I sure as hell was! It turns out Connie and Tempress have an equally endearing brother, Stewie! Unfortunately for Sof, puppies weren't Stewie's gig! No no, little Stewie was bringing lady bugs and rollie pollies over to his mom and sisters and saying quite innocently, "look its a little bug!" Then Stewie would drop the little bugs and stomp on them several times! Oh Connie, Tempress, and Stewie...

So on the up and up Bryan was super excited that I was there to see him hit a home run! The team won! And I have a new found love for recreational coed softball



  1. I just cracked up laughing! Yay for your new blog and congrats on being a newlywed :)

  2. Thanks friend! I'm liking this blog thing. Being married is kinda nice too! When you comin back? Need more wine...

  3. my husband plays on a softball team too and i don't even know how to keep score. i'd rather grocery shop together too lol! xoxo

  4. Hi. I just found your blog! It is adorable:) I actually do play softball, so I can't relate to you there, but it's nice that you go and watch the games! Thanks for sharing.

  5. My blogging friends will officially take over your blog ... they love you already!!! And I do too :)

  6. haha, Kelsey is correct - Here I am, one of her blogging friends! Hi. I'm Katie. Hello Katie. (and Bryan and Sofie Lord)

    Hilarious post! Yeah... softball for me? No thanks. Grocery shopping? Yes please!

    I would have DEFINITELY been wondering where the mothers were for those kids! Hello?! Baby snatchers around much?! geez.

    Cute blog - I'll be around!