Sunday, October 11, 2009


So for my birthday this year I REALLY wanted to go to Chicago and San Diego. Bryan shot those dreams down, something about the money we spent at our wedding and the holidays coming?? Drat. So, I decided I REALLY wanted to go to the Vancouver Aquarium. I just love aquariums. I think, if I do some psychoanalysis, it stems back to my childhood... When I was about ten my Mom and Gram were taking us to the Monterey aquarium. Kelly and Kourt were fighting and Mom and Gram kept telling them to stop or we were going to turn around. They didn't stop and we DID turn around. I'm scarred. It's a good thing this was most of my traumatic memories and my obsession is aquariums!

The Vancouver Aquarium is fantastic! There are Beluga whales and a baby beluga too!

After the Aquarium we zipped around Stanley park for a bit and then went to dinner at this fantastic french restaurant, La Brasserie. It came highly recommended to us by a random man on the street.

And of course, we had a fun night out with friends here in Seattle. We went to a bar that is called Fierbend, or something like that. But I call it the DAS BOOT bar! They have this giant glass boot that you share with a group. Once you start drinking it you can't put it down and everyone yells DAS BOOT!

Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday so fun!


  1. It was such a fun night going to that little bar and drinking out of the infamous boot! Love you and thanks for letting us celebrate with you!!!

  2. What a fantastic birthday! Love the boot :)