Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I don't like sunshine!

Bryan and I lucked out when my parents won a cruise! They sell Aflac and BOTH won a cruise so Bryan and I got to be their lucky guests!

We departed Long Beach and sailed to Ensenada. As an excursion we played golf. Actually, they played, I enjoyed the views! We played lots of cards on the ship, Bryan and I emerged as the champions! We also ate and drank a ton! I am not so sure about people that rave about the food on cruises, it was a bit like spending 3 days at a floating Sizzler... Still quite fun and I'm not gonna lie, I ordered my 2 appetizers and entrees :-) Little girl, big eater. We also took my dear friend Mollie's advice and smuggled alcohol on to the ship. Before departing Long Beach the 4 of us took a field trip to bevmo! We purchased 4 bottles of champagne, 1 Malibu, 1 vodka and 1 crown and smuggled it onto the ship in pedialyte bottles. Who is going to argue with a family taking care of their very ill baby? Now, it's a good thing we docked after 16 hours on the ship, because we were out of beverage makings! (Don't worry, we were sharing with a few other people) So as we came back aboard from Mexico we purchased more alcohol and I stuffed it into my pants and threw on Bryan's jacket. Just as no one is going to argue with the parents of a sick baby, no one is going to fight with a lady who appears pregnant ;-)

It was a fantastic trip! We had lots of great laughs and are so thankful to Mom and Big Daddy for inviting us! We love you both!!!

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