Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love all things Olympic and tomorrow we are going! I'm super excited and I'm writing about it before it happens to keep me accountable to write about it after we do it!

Also, its Bryan's birthday on Monday. I am just AWFUL about keeping surprises. I really don't like to be surprised or to give surprises. Never have. At Christmas time I KNEW Bryan wanted a certain watch. For weeks I thought to myself, maybe I will surprise him with that watch. Could I do it? Noooooooo, of course not. The day I was going to the mall I excitedly announced, "hey! I'm going to the mall to get your Christmas gift, wanna know what it is?" Bryan, "No." Me, "It's that watch you want!" Shoot. Why do I do that!!!!

So today I purchased some birthday gifts for Bryan. I asked him if he wanted them today, and to my disappointment, he said no. So, I am going to do my best to keep the birthday surprises a surprise! I'm writing it down here to keep myself accountable. 


  1. Haha - I am so bad about buying gifts for hubs and wanting to tell him/show him IMMEDIATELY! People unwrapping things that you have bought for them (that you are proud of) is the best part!!!

    Have fun girly!!

  2. Katie, I totally agree. It's my desired for immediate gratification!

  3. Your blog is wonderful. What a handsome couple you are!