Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Party Continues With a Little Self Expression!

Our party continued when my sweet friend Erin and her boyfriend arrived in Seattle. Erin is a wonderful, sweet, loud, passionate, exciting friend! She always finds “different” activities and she invited Bryan and me to join her and her Bryan for an evening at The Can Can!

We had wanted to go to The Can Can which is a Seattle bar In Pike’s Place that also happens to have a mild-ish burlesque show. Now, while I describe The Can Can as burlesque, Bryan calls it self expression entertainment. We will have to agree to disagree. This blog is self expression! The Can Can is a dark, prohibition styled, serving absinthe bar with elaborately clad (or not clad) dancers performing on a stage! WE LOVED IT! It was SUPER fun to catch up with Erin and Bryan and we also enjoyed the Seattlesque environment of The Can Can.
Near the beginning of the show, Bryan looked at me and announced, “we should bring my parents here, they would really enjoy this.” And the next thing I saw was a lovely lady on a ladder in pasties and tights! Ummm, maybe no to taking parents to The Can Can?!

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  1. LOL - Karen would not be a fan!!!! But, apparently, all Abby wants to do is visit Seattle and go to The Can Can on her next visit with a group!