Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth and San Diego!

At the end of this series of blogs, I'm sure you will find, that you feel very very bad for Bryan and me. Our month of February was SUPER fun and we are EXHAUSTED now that it is March.

The party, at least for me, began at the end of January when Uncle Chuck (not a real uncle, my employer) sent us on down to Anaheim for a meeting. I am lucky enough to work with my cuzzy and buddy, LeighAnn, and we honestly had no intentions of visiting the Happiest Place on Earth. But, as can be expected, the pull of the magical matterhorn was too much and when our meeting ended we cruised over to Downtown disney for many adult beverages and finally a trip into Disneyland!
At one point, perhaps after stumbling off of Pirates, I shrieked to LeighAnn, "I love this! Thank you so much for coming here with me! This makes me so so happy!" To which LeighAnn replied, "Kates, when you know something makes you happy, you should do it all the time!" Wise words, very wise words 

From here one of my dearest friends Heather picked up her tipsy friend (me) and we traveled onto a weekend of fun at her home in San Diego! Heather became weary of the shape she would scoop me up in when I answered the phone and informed her I was kissing Mickey Mouse. Oh boy! 

The trip was made extra special because I was also able to spend time with my friends Julia and Lindsey. We did lots of eating, went out in downtown San Diego, had a girls' brunch, tasted AMAZING wedding cake, and I even got to play some beer pong with Bryan's college friends! 
It was during this game of beer pong that Julia, Cynthia and I found out we are "WOO" girls. Ugh. Sad day. Do you know what a "WOO" girl is? A "WOO" girl is a girl that scream, "WOO" when something exciting happens. This can be exacerbated by the consumption of adult beverages.

Thank you everyone for a VERY fun weekend!


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous ladies -- AND so very sweet too!!

  2. WOO!!! that looks like so much fun :)