Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sun Valley!

Alright, I told you, you were going to be jealous of my February! Here is our last trip for February....Sun Valley Idaho!

The last weekend of February we gathered up our ski clothes, put Sofie in a bag and snuck her on a plane (seriously, Alaska Airlines wants to charge us 100 bucks each way to fly our 4 lb puppy, yeah... no thanks), and flew to Idaho. We spent 3 days skiing, eating, and laughing! The trip was an ABSOLUTE success. 

On Friday night, after a very full day on the hill, we went to Pioneer Restaurant for dinner. This steakhouse is a tradition of my family, not sure why, it just is. Bryan was "challenged" by my uncles to go for the Pioneer Cut of meat. The pioneer cut is 32 oz, thats 2 lbs of cow flesh! And let me just say, Bryan is not in training for this sort of meat eating experience. I like my proteins, all sorts at most meals. Bryan is the one in our family who suggests that we don't need to eat meat at each meal, or even, gasp, each day. So I was highly amused when he agreed to take on the Pio Cut. Sick...
Somewhat surprisingly, Bryan managed to make it through the entire slab of flesh. He spent the next three days feeling a bit ill, but quite pleased with himself for rising to the challenge. I spent the next 3 days feeling guilty, typically I purchase .5 lbs of meat for the 2 of us, I guess I have been shorting my poor husband and his love of cow flesh! 

Saturday, following skiing and Bryan's partial recovery from his meat coma, we took Bryan, Daniel and Blair (Kourtney's sweet friend) over to the Sun Valley Lodge. 
Obviously, this excursion speaks for itself!

A major outcome of this vacation is my family's new swear word. It has occurred to us that swear words seem to be losing meaning and impact in todays society. So we have come up with a new word that is taboo, if you will. This word is so naughty, I feel bad just typing it out and I urge you to please use this word sparingly. This new swear word is, lolyloopin! An acceptable use of the word, for example, occurred when sweet Blair fell skiing, BADLY bruising her hip. My dear father was concerned, but assuaged all of concerns. He explained that he and Blair would spend Sunday cleaning the condo and keeping each other comfortable. Right. Good. Excellent. Poor Dad, 3 daughters and has never once caught a break!
So, that's February, told you it was a really fun and busy month! We had a fantastic time with Grammy and our Levy family in Sun valley! It was super special to be with everyone and a great way to wrap up our fun month of celebrations and travel! 


  1. You guys are so silly! I love it!! You are right - I am super jealous. We went skiing last February and I cannot WAIT to go back!

  2. You are such a little ski bunny!!!

    Maybe we can get a story or at least a post about SSS???