Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our vacuum sucks

I am boycotting vacuuming. Ever since those Kirby men came over I just can't bring myself to use our dumb eureka. Our eureka doesn't suck stuff up or leave those gorgeous vacuum lines in the carpet. So I'm not even bothering.

Bryan finally noticed my lack of interest in my former activity. When I explained my dissatisfaction he suggested that perhaps the vacuum needed a new air filter. Apparently, the air filter has never been changed in 8 years. So off he went to Lowe's with the goal of purchasing a new air filter so we could clean the house. He returned with this:
Ummmm. What does he expect me to do with this? 

Apparently the filter was $20. This lil car cleaning beauty was $45.99. HILARIOUS! Boy logic is very strange. 


  1. HAHA -- Nice work B.Lord! Get to work lady!!!

  2. HA - that is great! Tell Bry that is a man-vac and he should be the one vacuuming now! :)