Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Criminal Mastermind

So as I was driving home yesterday all sorts of lights on my dash started going off and my car did this real strange lurching thing and made some noises. Well, I'm no auto repairman, but I know enough to know when things like this happen to one's auto, one needs to get their auto to a shop. Thankfully, I do not own this POS Ford. My company owns this ford and they allow me, foolishly perhaps, to drive it an extraordinary amount of miles every day. So to remedy the situation I just called up my company and they arranged an auto service and rental car.

So this morning I drove my feeble vehicle to the dealership and was met by a lovely person from enterprise. First statement from the enterprise driver, I'm just going to need to see your license.... oh right, that. Well, I lost my license a few weeks ago.... I know, I know Bryan already explained its illegal to drive without a license. But trust me, when you get pulled over, not having a license on you is really the least of your problems, I'm an expert when it comes to these types of driving without a license scenarios.

So back to the story. Since enterprise wouldn't just take my word that I am a legal driver the Ford dealership drove me home. Upon arriving at our home it hit me that I had forgotten my keys in the car and I was locked out of the house.

Thankfully, this is another area of expertise for me, breaking and entering my home. After a few minutes it hit me that I could pop off the screen to a window, open said window from the outside by applying just the right amount of upward pressure, reach in to my home and unlock the door from the inside! VOILA! I'm in!

It worked. Upon breaking and entering I was able to order a new license that is being shipped to an apartment I lived in over 2 years ago because you have to go into the DMV if you are changing an address, which you are supposed to do within a month of moving. Details. The point being, the temporary license will allow me to pick up a car from enterprise!

All in all, I broke quite a few laws today, shame on me... Hopefully tomorrow will go much more smoothly!

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  1. You are so right- if you're pulled over not having a license on you is the least of your concerns!! I have memorized my DL number just for that purpose in fact I Never gget pulled over when I actually have my license on me. Ha.. I hope things improve for ya tomorrow!! :-)