Monday, October 12, 2009

Sof's Awesome Adventure!

Today 'mom' decided to take me to work. I think I am in trouble because the people moved the big dinner table and found my secret potty spot! Dang! Busted! I just prefer to do my business in private, under the table in the corner, not out in the open where all the neighbors can see!

Or, come to think of it,  perhaps it was the mischief I made while 'mom' was in the shower that got me in trouble. For whatever reason, 'mom' doesn't seem to like it when I decorate the house with toilet paper! Doesn't she understand I'm doing it FOR her, as a gift? Really, I just don't know what comes over me, the minute the people turn their backs its like that roll of fun is calling to me, "Pull me Sof, you know you want to! You can shred me up into teeney bits and get all tangled up!" It was real fun, that is until I saw the look on 'mom's face... Ruff!

I really don't mind going to work with her. Sure I don't get as much rest as I'd typically like, but it's pretty fun to sit on her lap and listen to her gossip on the phone. Juicy!

So today we got to go on a long drive out to an island. 'Mom' saw some drs and I napped. The best part was the ferry terminal and ride back to home! There were so many smells!

And it was really windy!

Then we got on the ferry and the view was fantastic!

When we got off the ferry some idiot smoking a cigarette nearly hit us with his car! Can you believe it!? Its a good thing 'mom' is an excellent defensive driver!

Yo 'dad', if you're reading this, can you get me a freakin haircut already! Its gettin hard to play fetch with my AFLAC duck, let alone drive, cause I can barely see! Thanks.

All right, I'm out, it's hard to type with paws!


  1. Aaah, yes. Substituting cheeses. I usually get spinach feta egg wrap at starbucks but my boyfriend scolds me because apparently thats expensive to do every day. Today i tried to make my own but used goat cheese instead of feta and half a tortilla instead of whatever starbucks uses. Definitely not super tasty. Meh.

  2. And wow, somehow i am not commenting on the post i meant to. haha